Fact Sheet

FASNY’s plans for its exclusive, massive, regional school complex on the former Ridgeway Country Club property will contain almost 150,000 square feet of new buildings (that’s bigger than three Super Stop & Shops) and acres of parking lots. FASNY is a bad idea for the entire City of White Plains. Here are some of the major negative impacts that will result from this project:

Public Safety Hazards:

FASNY’s massive traffic will bring a serious threat to the safety of the current 5,000 White Plains schoolchildren walking, biking and commuting to their schools on small country roads without sidewalks surrounding FASNY’s property.

Traffic congestion creates potential life threatening delays by first responders – ambulance, fire and police.

Additional traffic will cause hazardous safety conditions and inevitably lead to more accidents.

More cars and buses means increased danger to pedestrians as well as thousands of students from 10 nearby schools already coming and going on the same overburdened road system.

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Traffic Nightmares:

More than 1,000 additional vehicular trips per day on a narrow, two-lane road (Ridgeway) with limited sidewalks, which is already heavily traveled and over-burdened.

Torturous gridlock throughout the southern end sections of White Plains, including the intersections of Mamaroneck Avenue and North Street as well as on Ridgeway and Bryant Avenue.

Local roads are not designed to handle drop-off and pick-up of more than 700 students and teachers arriving and leaving each day.

APPS like Waze and Google Maps will lead to dramatic increase in cut through traffic from hundreds of additional cars using local residential streets seeking alternative routes throughout area.

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Environmental Concerns:

FASNY is attempting to have the Common Council de-designate an environmentally sensitive site on their new alternative plan solely in an attempt to circumvent a Supermajority vote requirement on the project.

FASNY will adversely impact an environmentally sensitive property that contains vulnerable wetlands, watercourses and underground streams and is a key part of the Mamaroneck River watershed and water retention area.

FASNY’s additional impervious surface areas will make local flooding even worse during spring and summer rains.

Storm water drainage system is antiquated and already at full capacity. It will likely require new, costly improvements to the system to handle water runoff from the FASNY development.

Additional cars and buses will increase noise and air pollution.

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Quality of Life Issues:

Property values measurably decreased in the surrounding neighborhoods during the earlier FASNY application and stabilized upon its denial. Any decline in property values in the neighborhoods resulting from a FASNY complex will impact homeowner’s taxes throughout the City in order to offset the decline in values in the neighborhoods surrounding the property.

Economic Impacts:

As a private, non-profit, tax-exempt school, FASNY will pay no city, school, county, property or sales taxes either. Previously the property generated millions in tax revenues for the City of White Plains.

129 acres are currently off the tax rolls as a result of the FASNY application.

Everyone living in White Plains, homeowners and renters alike, will have to make up the FASNY tax deficit.

FASNY will draw on our already overburdened services such as police, fire, public works, water and sewer while paying no taxes for those services.

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