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City of White Plains April 5th FASNY Public Hearing

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New Study Shows Devastating FASNY Traffic Impact

WHITE PLAINS NY, APRIL 3, 2017 – Traffic and safety throughout out the southern end of White Plains would be gravely impacted if the proposed French American School is built, according to a new study on the FASNY project. According to the study, the Alternate FASNY Plan now under consideration by the Common Council, is based on numerous false assumptions, significant mathematical errors and factual inaccuracies.

The study, authored by noted traffic expert Mary E. Manning, P.E., directly challenges many assertions regarding traffic impact put forward by FASNY. “The Applicant has not proposed any mitigation measures to rectify multiple safety hazards,” Manning stated in her Executive Summary, and went on to say “the traffic analysis included in the (FASNY) Revised Plan is not complete or accurate.”

Conservative projections show there will be a 6-fold increase in vehicular traffic immediately around the FASNY site with a ripple affect sweeping across the entire south end of the city. “The Applicant fails to address numerous and serious safety issues pertaining to Ridgeway, Hathaway Lane and the roads and streets in the vicinity” of the FASNY project, Manning stated.

According to Manning, the traffic impact will reach beyond the Gedney neighborhood. She states the addition of over 500 vehicle trips during a single peak hour will cause significant traffic congestion on Ridgeway. Drivers will then tend to cut-through local streets to reach FASNY “exposing narrow local streets to substantial increase in traffic volume” with numerous neighborhoods impacted by cut-through traffic including Rosedale, Reynal Park and North Street. “The increase of vehicles on these streets will present safety concerns for local neighborhood vehicular traffic, pedestrians and cyclists,” she said.

“The safety of our entire community is at stake” said John Sheehan, President of the Gedney Farms Association. “The south end of White Plains is made up of quiet neighborhoods with families living on quiet streets. FASNY will bring in 500% more cars and it will look like Times Square every morning and afternoon. Imagine children walking to school in that environment. It simply won’t be safe.”

The 11-page report, detailing the errors in the FASNY Alternate Plan was presented to the Common Council at a special Public Hearing April 5th. The entire report is available here.

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